Weekly Roundup: Social Media Trends

19 Sep

The ever-evolving social media landscape fuels our enthusiasm to learn. Want to learn along with us? Our Friday blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of major trends and remarkable content we found during the week.

This week’s roundup:

  1. Twitter introduces new tools to help you create, manage and activate your tailored audiences.
  2. Facebook updates its algorithm to maximize value for advertisers and users.
  3. Instagram plans to place an occasional ad in the feed of UK users.
  4. Kraft gets four times better ROI from content than ads.
  5. Research finds 87% of interactions with social content were a middle touchpoint, while just over one interaction in 10 was either the last or only touchpoint.

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Adaptly to Speak at This Year’s FT Future of Marketing Summit

10 Sep

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 2.36.22 PM

September 17, 2014 | 10 on the Park, New York

Panel: Millennial Uprising 

To win with Gen Y you need to throw out your rule book and start over. By 2015 millennials globally will have a spending power of $2.45 trillion so you really do want to win with this generation. Adopting a social media strategy or an engaging viral video, might garner you some likes, but to tap into this powerful group of consumers you need to play by the same rules they do. This tech savvy group doesn’t mind being marketed to, just be upfront about it, first rule of the game is that transparency is key!


Carla Hendra, Global Chairman, OgilvyRED

Lindsey Pollak, Millennial Expert and Author of Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders

Todd Putman, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Bolthouse Farms

Nikhil Sethi, CEO, Adaptly

Moderator: Matthew Garrahan, Global Media Editor, Financial Times

Access the full agenda here.

Adaptly Named Finalist in Nielsen Hackathon To Integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings Into Facebook Advertising

4 Aug

In May, Adaptly was among only twelve Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers (a global community of hundreds of developers across more than 45 countries, focused on making marketing easier and more effective through technology partnerships) called to Menlo Park, CA for a two day-long “Hackathon” to demonstrate how its social media software and marketing expertise could be applied toward the integration of the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ to create better processes and a more seamless experience for brand advertisers. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings delivers digital campaign audience metrics daily—including reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) for age, gender and DMA—used for buying and selling advertising, in-flight optimization and evaluating campaign success.

“We look forward to working with Facebook PMDs to ensure continued success by driving online ad effectiveness with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.” says David Wong, Vice President, Product Leadership, Nielsen.

The specific use-case is to help Facebook advertisers understand their unduplicated reach across digital media buys and calculated their online GRP’s, as well as validate the demographic composition of the audience they have reached. Adaptly’s engineering team collaborated with Nielsen and Facebook engineers and developed a dashboard that surfaces the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings data, which can be pivoted for age, gender and DMA reach metrics. It includes exportable formatted reporting.

“We are proving that platforms like Facebook are extremely effective at driving real business objectives,” said Nikhil Sethi, Adaptly’s co-founder and CEO. “Brand marketers want a common currency for their advertising across multiple mediums, and Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides our clients with the ability to understand audience reach on Facebook in a way that is truly comparable.”

As a result Adaptly was selected among the top four finalists and plans to integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings into its platform which will enable more streamlined activation and online reporting.

Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings combines Nielsen panel data with aggregated, anonymous, privacy-protected demographic information from participating data providers. Campaign reporting is available daily, providing vital delivery information in-flight to both advertisers and publishers. The recently announced availability of comprehensive smartphone and tablet measurement in Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides clients with a complete view of their digital audience for the first time. Nielsen not only provides highly precise demographics on a campaign running across platforms, but will also provide a precise count of how many consumers saw an ad only on a PC, only on mobile and on both—for total and device-specific reach.

Adaptly (www.adaptly.com) is a marketing technology company that provides brands with an operating system for planning, managing, and analyzing cross-network social media advertising campaigns. Fortune 100 brands leverage Adaptly’s software and strategic services to optimize some of the most recognized social advertising campaigns on the web.

Twitter TV Targeting Boosts Engagement: Quaker Case Study

31 Jul

To drive increased user engagement and boost sales, Quaker Oats wanted to reach Moms in certain environments like Cooking & Food, Energy, Entertainment, Family, Health, Hobbies, Home, Style, Travel, etc. then reinforce their TV message via Twitter. 




Download the case study here.

The Weinstein Company Partners With Adaptly and Kik to Launch First Official Theatrical Ad Campaign on Mobile Messaging App

24 Jul

Today, The Weinstein Company launched an advertising campaign to support the upcoming theatrical release of the film The Giver. Adaptly, a social media partner to Weinstein, facilitated the campaign via its marketing and technology partnership with Kik, a mobile messaging platform. Kik represents one of the fastest growing platforms in the emerging category of OTT (over-the-top) mobile messaging apps. According to eMarketer, Kik is the #3 mobile messaging app in the U.S., and on Android has more installs than both SnapChat and WhatsApp.

This promotion is the first official theatrical advertising campaign on Kik.

The Giver

Adaptly also helps Weinstein deliver social advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter via marketing and technology partnerships with both. Given the demographic profile of the Kik user-base and how actively the Kik users share content, Adaptly recommended the mobile platform as a channel to promote The Giver release.

The campaign is designed to drive engagement with Weinstein’s mobile content via a photo sharing experience with virtual stickers inspired by the film. Tapping into the celebrated story, Kik users can add “The Giver” themed virtual stickers to photos of friends, fans and cast members. Instantly shareable, the campaign is expected to drive over 1.5 million engagements and provide Weinstein with opportunities to generate trailer views, ticket sales and reminders in the lead up to the premiere.

For The Giver, Weinstein is targeting young adults and Kik has a high-concentration in the 18-24 demographic. Kik also provides meaningful scale with global reach of 150 million unique users and 2 million new subscribers per week.


Adaptly saw an opportunity for Weinstein to leverage the intimacy of a messaging community, which provides a unique level of engagement to other social platforms. Weinstein was excited to be one of the very first to experiment in this new category and sees this as a learning opportunity.

“We saw Kik as the perfect platform for promoting this film,” said Nikhil Sethi, CEO at Adaptly. “The most powerful aspect of Kik is that it helps brands create very intimate connections with their audience. What’s more intimate than delivering an experience to the phone in someone’s pocket?”


Read more on AdAge: Young-Adult Flick ‘The Giver’ Gets Ad Campaign on Kik Messenger App

Cannes Lions 2014 Report on Digital Landscape

18 Jul

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity took place last June. This year’s show was different and more focused on understanding digital marketing. It’s undeniable, and it is changing almost everything about the way advertising works.

The need to reach people on their devices is an obvious step for brands, however the complexity of the digital landscape had many of the agencies in attendance this year somewhat bewildered.

Adaptly was one of the advertising technology firms in Cannes that presented new research that examined whether it is more effective to show digital ads in a sequence or simply rotate a call to action.

Sonia van Gilder Cooke, a journalist at LS:N Global, the trends network at The Future Laboratory, attended our presentation given by Nikhil Sethi and Sean O’Neal and summarised this in her report below.

LSN – Cannes Lions 2014 Show Report-Adaptly


New Digital Advertising Study Finds That Sequencing Ads Taking Individual Consumers Down The Marketing Funnel Achieves Better Outcomes Than Sustained Call-To-Action Message

15 Jul

Joint Study from Adaptly, Refinery29, and Facebook Points to Strategically Changing Ad Creative

New York (July 15, 2014) A new study by Adaptly, Facebook and lifestyle website Refinery29 has found that in digital advertising, sequencing ads that take individual consumers down the marketing funnel achieves better outcomes than a sustained call to action (CTA) message delivered over the same period of time. In fact, sequencing ads on a personalized level increases overall view-throughs by 87% and conversions by 56%. Conducted in May 2014, the research was designed to help inform advertisers about how to improve their creative diagnostics, optimal frequency and sequencing within Facebook

“As fundamental as this question is, it’s amazing that so little has been published on the topic of sequencing vs. sustained messaging,” says Nikhil Sethi, CEO at Adaptly. “And although the research findings might sound like an obvious outcome, some advertisers may find it counterintuitive to elongate a campaign as a way to more gradually bring their audience through the purchase funnel, rather than more immediately delivering a call-to-action. But we have proven that this classic brand-building approach it is both effective and efficient, even for direct response advertising.”

Adaptly deployed a campaign in Facebook’s News Feed to encourage people to sign up for for Refinery29, a website that inspires millennial-minded women to live a more mindful, artful and enlightened life. Refinery29 and Adaptly created a Facebook Custom Audience using Refinery29’s best email subscribers. From the Custom Audience, Adaptly built a Facebook lookalike audience of over 2 million people who were also likely to become high-value customers. Facebook assisted with splitting the audience into three treatment groups.

Refinery29 designed 3 creatives for each treatment group and Adaptly tailored the campaigns. The sequenced group was delivered across 12 days, split evenly across each stage to “walk” people down the brand funnel: 1) top of the funnel ad for brand message 2) middle of the funnel ad for consideration 3) bottom of the funnel ad for call to action. (see Group 1 below) A similar-sized audience was targeted with 3 CTA-focused ads each delivered for 4 days and with similar bidding strategies to the sequenced for CTA campaign. (see Group 2 below)



When Adaptly compared all 6 creative executions individually, the “consideration” creative, which provided a piece of sample content a person would expect from Refinery29, generated the most view-through and engagement with the landing page. The first call-to-action ad in the sustained CTA group was the runner-up and the call-to-action ad in the sequenced for CTA group tied with the second call-to-action ad in the sustained CTA group.

However, people who saw all 3 of the ads in the sequence converted at higher rates than those who had seen just 1 or 2 of the ads. People who saw even just 1 of the ads converted at higher rates than people in the control group who saw no ads.  Having been “walked down” the conversion funnel, a step-by-step journey from awareness to consideration to conversion, consumers are more receptive to converting.


* Rates are calculated based upon all people who had the “opportunity to see” 1, 2, or 3 ads as appropriate.
** The interaction between the two ads provided a statistically significant amount of information to a model predicting the likelihood of conversion.

“Beyond traditional media, digital mediums offer a unique opportunity to bring individual consumers down the marketing funnel by serving ads in sequence. They also enable marketers to have more control over the frequency and pacing of their messages on a person-by-person basis,” says Daniel Slotwiner, research director at Facebook. “This type of targeting enables advertisers to leverage their existing customer relationship management (CRM) databases to find potentially high-value consumers. On Facebook, for example, where people express their unique identities, brands can target their audiences precisely, and tailor their interactions with people in a way that can build lasting and powerful impressions.”

“Quality and engagement are critical when developing a customer-base with real lifetime value,” says Melissa Goidel, chief revenue officer at Refinery29. “By telling the Refinery29 story during the acquisition process, and building awareness and consideration before driving to conversion, we were able to increase our return-on-investment and ultimately acquire a more informed and qualified subscriber.”

A whitepaper containing the complete detailed results of the research study can be found at www.adaptly.com/research1

Refinery29 (www.refinery29.com) is the largest independent style website in the United States and the fastest growing media company on the 2013 Inc. 500 list. Through its 24/7 original editorial content, global and local newsletter editions, and engaged social community, Refinery29 inspires millennial-minded women to live a more mindful, artful and enlightened life.

Facebook (www.facebook.com) was founded in 2004, and its mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Adaptly (www.adaptly.com) is a social media advertising technology company that provides marketers with an operating system for planning, managing, and analyzing cross-network social media advertising.  Fortune 100 brands leverage Adaptly’s software and strategic services to optimize some of the most recognized social advertising campaigns on the web.

Come See Adaptly Present at the Cannes Lions Festival!

12 Jun
Adaptly - Cannes Lions 2014 programme

Adaptly in the Press!

12 Jun

Check out this great article written by our very own Frank Martin on how paid media is essential to amplify social impact-


Adaptly Appoints MediaCom’s Tim Page as Director of Strategtic Accounts, EMEA

2 Jun

Tim Page


Social advertising firm, Adaptly, is excited to announce the appointment of Tim Page as Director of Strategic Accounts, EMEA.Page most recently served as Digital Services Director for MediaCom where he assisted with the development and roll-out of digital products and led the digital strategy for key clients.

Page will be based at Adaptly’s London office, and will focus on building strategic partnerships with clients and agencies across the EMEA region, reporting to Adaptly’s VP of Strategic Accounts EMEA, Franklyn Martin. Within his role he will focus on developing long term, strategic partnerships with brands and agencies that want to use Paid Social to drive value across the entire marketing funnel, rather than just as a platform to support tactical social media activity.

Adaptly is one of only five companies operating as both a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner partner and a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD), with a focus on Ads and Insights. Adaptly’s technology and industry-leading marketing expertise provides advertisers with a centralised solution for planning, managing and analysing cross-network social spends. Page will be ideally placed as a result of his work at MediaCom to fully utilise Adaptly’s proprietary technology and develop new partnerships for its existing and future client base.

“Tim brings 10 years of solid digital and technology experience to Adaptly, along with a deep understanding of the broader marketing challenges faced by advertisers,” said Franklyn Martin. “We are entering into an incredibly exciting stage of our growth and Tim’s extensive experience will help us continue our rapid acceleration. It’s great to have him on the team.”

“The accuracy and quality of 3rd party data sources is under increasing scrutiny, particularly since the rollout of panel-verified products like Nielsen’s ‘Online Campaign Ratings’ (OCR). Adaptly, however, focuses exclusively on paid social ecosystems like Facebook and Twitter that are rich with 1st party data and uses its unique technology to maximise ROI for advertisers,” said Page. “They’ve got good traction with some of the biggest brands and agencies across the globe, which is a testament to the Adaptly product and its people. I’m really excited to join an agile team that is committed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s digital marketer.”

About Adaptly

Adaptly (www.adaptly.com) is a social media advertising technology company, which provides marketers with an operating system for planning, managing and analyzing cross-network social media advertising.

Paid advertising within social networks is perhaps the most complex of all media executions.  In addition to all of the targeting, measurement, and optimization opportunities within ‘digital’, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have an additional set of native opportunities, which are entirely unique to their ecosystems.  Executing paid advertising across any one social network is a complicated challenge; executing a unified campaign across multiple social networks can be truly daunting.  Adaptly is one of the only companies globally which holds strategic API distinctions with both Twitter and Facebook, making the company uniquely qualified to support cross-network advertising.

Adaptly’s technology and industry-leading marketing expertise helps to simplify the process of advertising across the social web.  The Adaptly Operating System can be deployed in any market and can manage media across virtually any social media inventory source, which provides advertising partners with a seamless international multi-platform solution.  Adaptly’s strategic services group consists of experts in planning, executing, and analyzing social advertising efforts, and has optimized some of the most recognized social advertising campaigns.

Adaptly has experienced triple-digit growth every year since its founding.  Headquartered in New York’s Flatiron District, Adaptly has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and manages global campaigns from its EMEA operation.

The Adaptly Operating System is in its second release, with a 3.0 release scheduled for 2014 which will provide a unique workflow solution for managing paid advertising across multiple social networks.  The platform has been designed to support brand advertisers including customers like PepsiCo, Kraft, ABC, as well as major agency groups like Omnicom, Interpublic Group, Havas and others.

For more information contact Adaptly’s president, Sean O’Neal at seanoneal@adaptly.com




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